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Burn The City JoshOClock

Full version is Ad-Free and contains 70 levels with more on the way Three fireball types New horde-style BATTLE Mode Who are you? What are you? Where are you? Frankly, it doesn't matter... its time to BURN THE CITY You think you'd like to BURN THE CITY Well youre in luck. Wanton destruction is easier than ever. Just touch, drag and release. You soon be launching endless fiery monster action all up in that CITY .

Burn The City JoshOClock
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Worms Electronic Arts Nederland apk

Worms Electronic Arts Nederland apk Play the original, fun and explosive strategy game – NOW OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID GAME ALERT Be sure to check out the newest game to hit the Android Market from our Friends at Chillingo! Roll in the Hole is now available on Android! Check out ** The original, award-winning, turn-based strategy game – now playable on even more Android devices Send your worm platoons into battle with cult-classic weapons like the Banana Bomb and Super Sheep, plus wacky new ones like Spartan Kick and The Brick

Worms Electronic Arts Nederland apk

Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid

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About Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid This is a short guide explaining how you can install an app you found here on your phone. I’m also going to show you a way that’s a lot easier then the standard method everyone uses.

Please make sure your phone has “Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid apk” enabled in it’s settings! To check this go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources and check the box.

You have two options, either put the Download Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid apk file onto your phone’s SD card or download and install it directly from your phone.

Sorry We Dont Have Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid Cheat Android.Another thing is to simply install a file manager app like Astro File Manager, browse the APK and install it. Remember This applications Only For Smartphone Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid Android

Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid

Overview: view free DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX files, create DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX. Kingsoft Office is known as the most user-friendly mobile Office: whether in a small cell phone screen or on a large screen on the Tablet, Kingsoft Office has a superior performance!

Requirements: Android 2.1+

v4.2 update:

  • Improved: In Presentation, 8 times faster than version 4.0 when opening documents.

  • Improved: In Writer,10 times faster than version 4.0 when opening documents.

  • New: added the ability to save document as .DOCX format.

  • New: In Writer, when open the document you read before, you can locate to the position last read.

  • New: In Writer, added the word count feature (full text counting).

  • New: In Writer, sharing text, Screenshots or attachment is allowed now.

And it is also the only mobile Office with full-features FREE: all features listed below are free to use!

Core Features:
- View & Edit DOC, DOCX, TXT files;
- View & Edit XLS, XLSX files;
- View & Edit PPT, PPTX files;
- User-friendly & nice UI;
- Built-in file manager that can automatically organize your office document;
- Tight integration with the mail application: you can open the attachment, and can directly send after modification;
- Support the cloud storage services with WebDAV protocol;
- And we will continuously update the App, adding new features!

Reviews written by users:
- Nice Office App. Very useful, nice UI, like it better than the others I’ve tried.
- Great app does what it says.

Special features and recent new features:

* Writer:

  • Support copy and paste between Apps

  • Can view and edit documents in Page-Layout or Web-Layout

  • With Reader mode, you can easily switch to reader mode after open the document

  • Full screen reading mode

  • Select the text with a magnifying glass to aid positioning

  • Display a variety of graphic objects

  • Open the encrypted documents

  • Save encrypted DOC files

  • Display DOC documents headers and footers, comments and revisions.

  • Display tables wrap effects in the DOC files.

  • With the paragraph Indents and Spacing function, you can easily adjust the paragraph indents and spacing.

* Spreadsheets:

  • Auto-Filter

  • Search function

  • Sort function

  • Full screen reading mode

  • Freeze panes

  • Quickly display the calculated results of the selected area (sum, average, etc.)

  • Display charts, view chart details

  • Select cells by trackball and keyboard arrow keys

  • Open the encrypted documents.

  • Display the AutoShapes in XLS files

  • Display the radar charts, separation pie charts, composite pie charts, ring charts, etc. in the XLS files

* Presentation:

  • With thumbnails list like PC Office, for convenient slide switch

  • Support Play mode

  • Support laser pointer when playing

  • Display tables

  • Display charts

* Overall features:

  • Support external Bluetooth keyboard and USB keyboard input

  • Support external keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-S, etc. And we are adding more)

  • Display history files as photos wall

4fe4f1ae8fb9ourn.jpg Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid

 Kingsoft Office 4.2 CyberAndroid

Download Kingsoft Office v4.2 CyberAndroid


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